Hacoa Card Case



Hacoa Card Case

The Hacoa Card case is a card case, created in 2004, which resembles and opens like a book.
Thanks to this elegant case, the act of exchanging business cards became a chance to expand the talk, even at the first meeting.
We hoped that this business card case would trigger a happy connection between people.
We used a lot of techniques and our senses as wood craftsman “kiji-shi” in making this product.
Expertise to figure out the grain of the board and a high level of processing skill are required so that the thin plate does not warp.
The delicate operations and dignified edge finish are the result of the wisdom and skills of the woodworker.
It is a long-selling item that continues to be sold as the main product of Hacoa. It has not changed its shape or method of manufacture since it was first made 15 years ago.