Hacoa’s Product Development approach

Hacoa is a woodworking brand that makes various wooden goods and is based in Echizen, an area with a lacquerware history of over 1500 years.
In 2001, when there was a sense of crisis due to the decline of traditional crafts, the factory brand was established in order to gather young people and pass on the skills of the woodworker by making things that would interest young people.
By incorporating the concept of design into tradition, and advocating the philosophy of “selling what we make, ourselves” , we perform everything from product planning to manufacturing, sales, and store expansion in-house.
Through the staff at 14 directly-operated stores nationwide, the voice of customers reaches the craftsmen and the creators at the head office every day, so that the voice of customers is reflected in the products we make. Before a product is born, each has its own story, and in order to produce products, skills are required.
In order for the user to use it for a long time, our universal design products are not influenced by fashion and what is vogue and are a product that nurtures craftsmen’s skills, by becoming a staple over time. Thanks to their continued production for a long time, our skills also will be handed down from generation to generation.
We would like to tell you our thoughts and development secrets showing how the product was born, here.