USB flash drive

In 2003, at that time the USB flash drive was born and started to spread around the world, the standard capacity was as small as 128MB and both its price and practicality were low. The exterior of all USB flash drives were sticks made of plastic, which were bland and gave the impression of being disposable.
So we took on the challenge to turn this inorganic product into one that gave you a feeling of attachment. This was the very beginning of Hacoa’s gadget production. (In this case, “gadget” means “sophisticated product”/ “idea product.”)
Taking a cue from the most popular sweets in Japan and the world, we made two kinds of wooden USB flash drives. One is shaped like the most popular Japanese confectionery “monaca” and the other is shaped as a “chocolate bar” which are loved all over the world.
The first wooden USB flash drives became a hot topic around the world and orders flooded in from a lot of companies as promotions and gift items.
Thanks to these products, our new ideas based on tradition and design skills have been recognized, and Hacoa has become widely known.